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The Bateau...

Fishing from Bateau

The Bateaus are flat-bottom bay boats extremely popular along the North Carolina Crystal Coast. On any given weekend, it's not usual to see a large variety of Bateaus - basic models used by fisherman, trollers with T-Tops, families pulling wakeboards and towable tubes, olive drab boats for duck hunters, and maybe even someone hauling an ATV to the banks. For family sports or fishing, Bateaus can be customized to fit your needs.

The current Bateau lineup was introduced in mid-2006. These are larger boats than earlier models with more freeboard, and a much deeper cockpit. An innovative fiberglass stringer system, composite deck and the new Superfish console were also incorporated into the 20' and 23' models. The smaller Bateau 17 still uses the original console. All the boats use 100% composite construction.

The 20' and 23' Bateaus have the same bottom contour and skeg as the pre-2006 models, retaining the great handling characteristics and tight-turning capabilities that made the original design so popular.

New Model - In 2013, the Bateau 25 was introduced to the market. The boat has a 20+ person capacity, and is currently being certified by the U.S. Coast Guard for use as a passenger ferry. The Bateau is also often used as a work boat capable of hauling heavy equipment.

Bateau Construction - The hulls, consoles and seats are 100% hand laid fiberglass for consistent quality, superior strength, safety, and the best finish of any sport utility skiff on the market! The Bateaus' Accu-Trak hull design delivers exceptional turning and handling, dryness and safety unequaled in any other sport utility skiff. A Shark-Skin non-skid surface provides sure footing anywhere in the cockpit.

The new fiberglass stringer system is laminated to the hull and composite deck during construction, and foam flotation gets injected into all the under-floor compartments. This creates a hull with exceptional strength, rigidity and durability. A rigging conduit under the floor makes the cockpit safe and uncluttered. A glassed in forward deck provides a solid, finished platform for casting, loading or mounting fishing accessories.

All rails and hardware are made of durable 316 grade stainless steel for finish, strength and easy maintenance. Heavy duty rub rails are installed with stainless steel bolts and locking nuts with a continuous band washer around the entire rub rail for fit, finish and strength. The flat-bottom design allows the Bateau to use smaller engines which get great fuel economy.



Bateau 17

Bateau 20

Bateau 23

Bateau 25

Standard Features

100% hand laid fiberglass

100% composite construction

molded fiberglass stringer system

injected foam flotation

glassed in bow platform with hatch

bolted on heavy duty rub rail

stainless steel hardware

rigging conduit under cockpit floor

"Shark-Skin" non-skid cockpit

"Accu-Trak" hull design

self Bailing at rest

five year limited hull warranty


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