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The Harkers Island Fall Barbeque...

Every Fall the True Secret Order of False Albacorian Monks gather at Harkers Island on the first Saturday in November for their annual Barbeque. For over 15 years, Jones Brothers has been a proud sponsor of the feast. Please join us to celebrate the great fall fishing around Cape Lookout.


Location: 1576 Island Road, Harkers Island, NC

Date: November 3, 2018

Time: 6:30 - 9:00 pm

Dress Code: Fishing Casual

Menu: North Carolina style BBQ Pig and Chicken



The Invitation Author

One False Albacorian monk has made a career out of producing the annual BBQ invitations. During the offseason, he dabbles in writing books, hosting a television show on PBS, gets involved in state environmental issues, works with the NC Museum of Natural Science, and even finds time to have a family life. All the other Monks eagerly await the annual invitation from Brother Tom.


Official Invitations

  1999 - Ofishal Invitation
  2000 - Ofishal Invitation
  2001 - Ofishal Invitation
  2004 - False Albacorian Monks Invitation
  2005 - Blackbeards Banquet
  2007 - Organic Fly Fishing Decree
  2008 - False Albacorian Monks Invitation
  2011 - Double Dip Recession
  2012 - Invitation to 2000th BBQ and 100th Election
  2013 - U.S. Congress Banned from the Atlantic
  2014 - Albacore PAC
  2015 - False Albacore University (FAU)
  2016 - Making America Great since 1488
  2017 - Changing of the Guard


Bait Ball on TransomHugh on Eastside
Matthew with Albie