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FAQs about Buying Direct...

How long will it take to build my boat?

The factory usually maintains a small inventory of in-stock boats. Several are ready for immediate delivery, and others that are partially assembled. These boats can usually be accessorized and completed within a few days.

If an in-stock model isn't available for your needs, Jones Brothers can manufacture a boat to your specifications. The procurement and manufacturing process for a custom boat usually takes 6-8 weeks.

Can in-stock boats be customized?

The boats that are ready for delivery have limited upgrade options. However, the partially assembled boats have more upgrade capabilities. This allows some flexibility for changing basic options like the leaning post. Other changes might be possible, but can take longer. For example, an engine upgrade can easily be performed if the motor is in inventory at Jones Brothers. However, ordering a motor from Yamaha can take weeks or even months depending on Yamaha inventory and availability.

Can electronics be installed?

Jones Brothers does not install electronic packages (e.g. GPS, Fish Finders, RADAR, etc.), but can arrange for a local marine service center to install electronic packages after purchase. Customers can also work with the Jones Brothers dealers and service centers to install and configure electronics.

What about deposits?

Contact Donnie Jones

Can Jones Brothers arrange for delivery?

Yes. Jones Brothers can provide contact information for boat transportation services. Prices vary based on distance and the ability to schedule a "back-haul". In other words, customers that can be flexible on delivery dates can usually get better pricing if the transportation company can schedule a nearby pick up for the return trip.