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The Jones Brothers Factory...

aerial view of the factoryThe Jones Brother factory was specifically designed to build boats. The structure was completed in 2001 and was fully operational in mid-2002. The two main buildings total 50,000 sq. ft. with plenty of room for future expansion.

Climate Controlled Environment - Buried in the cement floor is a five mile network of water pipes used to heat/cool the building and maintain the resins, gel coats and molds at a constant temperature. We are able to heat over an acre of enclosed manufacturing facility with only 400,000 BTUs - less than the average home. This climate control system simplifies the manufacturing process by maintaining a very controlled environment for the materials used in boat construction, and allows us to consistently deliver the best boat possible.  Most boat manufactures have a difficult time making seasonal adjustments with lamination schedules caused by large temperature variations. Our plant maintains "laboratory" conditions every day.

Powered by Air - A great deal of effort went into designing the air system that supplies most of the tools at the factory. Wherever possible, air tools are used during manufacturing. They last far longer, are much safer and more efficient that electric tools. We use "rotary screw" compressors which are extremely efficient and durable. They've been running almost non-stop since the plant opened.

A lot of thought also went into our electrical power systems. For efficiency, like most factories, the electrical equipment runs on three phase power. However, due the reliance on the air systems and efficient use of our power systems, we are able to run the entire factory on less than 480 amps service. When the local power company ran an assessment of the plant, they found it was the most efficient operation they have ever seen.

Eco-Friendly - The manufacturing plant is extremely ecologically and environmentally friendly. The air filtration system works so well that employees are not required to wear respirators during lamination. The resins and gel coats used in construction produce the lowest emissions possible with current technology.  Even the flotation foam produces zero harmful emissions. These materials and compounds are expensive, but they do the least harm to the environment and help provide a safe workplace for our employees.

Our company also believes in eliminating as much waste as possible during construction - we don't like adding to landfills or generating unnecessary waste.  The molds were designed to reduce the trimming and keep waste to an absolute minimum, which reduces the manufacturing costs for our company.

The creeks and salt marshes behind the manufacturing plant produce some of the best shellfish and shrimp in the area, and most of the employees at the plant are connoisseurs of good seafood (southern style). There is a great deal of self-interest in keeping the local environment healthy and bountiful.

Molds - Success for a boat company is heavily dependant on the quality of the molds used in construction, and the care and precision that went into their creation. At Jones Brothers, all of the fiberglass molds were conceptualized, designed and hand built in our factory. We spent a great deal of time and effort to create perfect molds, which can consistently produce quality parts time after time. Great molds, and the talented people that use them, help create the boats that live up to our high expectations.

Factory Tour - For more information about what goes on inside the factory, take the factory tour.