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Jones Brothers uses the highest quality marine gel coat available on the market today - Cook Composites 953 Series ArmorFlex®. The product has:

  • enough flexibility to resist cracking
  • reduced fade and chalking characteristics
  • contains advanced UV inhibitors
  • resistance to porosity
  • excellent patchability and buffback qualities
  • environmentally friendly

The factory environment is also important to the gel coat application. The gel coat is stored in a temperature controlled room, and the floor, molds, gel coat and ambient air temperature are stabilized during the construction process.

While a quality gel coat and modern factory help, it takes a talented person to properly apply the gel coat for a consistent thickness and the high quality finish expected in a Jones Brothers boat. When done right, the customer gets a boat that looks great for years.


Jones Brothers has the following set of standard colors. These are the most popular color options ordered by our customers. The lead time for a standard color is approximately two weeks.

  • Sea Foam Green
  • Island Yellow
  • Carolina Blue
  • Stars and Stripes
  • Ice Blue
  • Fighting Lady Yellow
  • Cobalt
  • Midnight Blue
  • Evergreen
  • Olive Drab

There are other standard colors available from the gel coat manufacturer that are stock colors that have been requested on a fairly regular basis: black, base white, fire engine red, vivid red, and multiple shades of gray.

A customer occasionally requests a custom color, and provide a sample that Jones Brothers sends to the gel coat manufacturer. The manufacturer attempts to match the sample, and creates several shades of the color on multiple chips. The customer color is mixed after the customer selects one of the color chips. Note: The lead time for a custom color is at least four weeks, and there is an additional charge on top of the standard color option.


For regular washing, dish detergent and fresh water can be used to wash your boat. About once a year, apply a quality marine wax or polish containing Teflon. If possible, store your boat out of the sun and/or use a boat cover. Keep leaves and other debris from collecting in the boat.

Rust stains and discoloration can often be removed using Snobol toilet cleaner. For detailed directions, examine the "How do I get rid of rust streaks and discoloration?" question in the Maintenance section of the FAQ page.