Replacement Parts

Many of the components used on Jones Brothers boats are available in the retail market. The table below lists commonly available components with links to a vendor product website page and/or a product page from a retail store.

Powers Boatworks (Chris Powers) builds all of our cabinets, doors and under gunwale rod racks. Chris Powers can build custom cabinets and doors for any of our boats. You will need to send him a picture of the console to identify the particular model.
Accon Slim Line Pull up Cleats 304-8-BR. NOTE: You must ask for the Brass Nuts by using the designation BR.
Cape Lookout Canvas in Morehead City, N.C. has patterns for most of the cushions we've used over the years. Please send them a photo of your console or seat. NOTE: They will not have patterns for dealer installed seats or seats Jones Brothers purchased at customers request from outside vendors.
Current models use 1 ¼" drain plugs for the floor drains and console cooler drains. Older models used 1" drain plugs. Both are available from West Marine. Choose the Moeller Brand.

Garboard Bilge Drain Plugs - We used the Whitewater Brand, and they are also available at West Marine. Any ¾" tapered pipe thread plug will work. Jones Brothers currently uses stainless garboard plugs but brass works as well.
Spectrum Gel Coats has the codes for and can match most of the gel coats Jones Brothers has used over the years. Follow the link, click the "Boat Search" button, select Jones Brothers as the manufacturer, choose a generic color such as white (our standard color is white), blue, green, etc. The result list will display the available Jones Brothers colors. For example, "blue" will list three available shades of blue. A list of the colors can be found on the Gel Coat and Colors page. Choose the amount you need. These folks will NOT provide Olive Drab as it's too difficult to match. For Olive Drab or Maple Cream, you will need to email Jones Brothers. Normal availability for delivery to the factory is 2-3 weeks, and you will need to make arrangements to pick up the gel coat at the plant as we do not have a hazardous shipping permit.
TH Marine Jump Seat/Bilge Inspection Hatch 13"x17". STD color (Sand Shell) # HDSS-1317-3DP or Black # HDSS-1317-1DP

TH Marine Round 8" Fuel Inspection Hatch 8". STD Color (Sand Shell) # DPS-8-3-DP or Black DPS-8-1-DP

NOTE: For Boats older than 2005, the hatches will either be Viking Marine or Pompanette Gray Series Hatches. Follow the links and choose the correct hatch size. Then use Google to locate places to purchase.
iFly rod holders and other Fly Fishing Accessories.
Powers Boatworks (Chris Powers) builds all of our cabinets, doors and under gunwale rod racks. Bateau Rod Racks are part # Jones 14A, and Cape Fisherman Rod Racks are Jones 13A for the aft rod holders and Jones 12A for the forward rod holders on boats prior to 2005. On Cape Fish 2006 and newer models with three rod racks on each side under the gunwale there will two 13A's and one 12A on each side…..the 13A's are slightly deeper so you will need to be sure of the position when you contact Powers.
Jones Brothers currently uses and recommends Taco Marine Bumper molding. Kits are available from West Marine. Current we use Rigid Vinyl rub rail (V21-9659CRB20D) that accepts a stainless insert (S114511P16), and uses stainless end caps (F16-0039).

The flexible vinyl rub rail used on earlier models can be obtained from Taco Marine.
Bateau 198/20 18’ steering hoses 18’ cables
Bateau 22/23  20’ steering hoses 19’ cables
Cape Fish 18 18’ steering hoses 18’ cables
Cape Fish 1910LT 20’ steering hoses 19’ cables
Cape Fish 20 20’ steering hoses 20’ cables
Cape Fish 23 22’ steering hoses 22’ cables
Cape Fish 26 single 22’ steering hoses 22’ cables
Cape Fish 26 dual 22’ steering hoses 22' and 24' cables
Bateau 17 15’ steering 17’ control cables
Bateau 198/20   16’ steering 18’ control cables
Bateau 22/23 17’ steering 19’ control cables
Lenco Marine Standard Mount Trim Tab Kit - 12" x 12"

Lenco Marine Standard Tactile Switch Kit

Lenco Marine Trim Tab Replacement Blade - Standard - 12" x 12"

Lenco Marine Replacement 102HD Actuator - 12 Volt - 5/16" Hardware

Note: Some of the older model boats used 9 x 12 tabs. If you are replacing or upgrading trim tabs, use the 12 x 12 tabs. The larger tabs will fit and use the same actuators.
Atlantic Glass and Mirror in Morehead City, N.C. builds replacement winshields for Jones Brothers. Please send them a photo of the console. They have patterns for every windshield. Contact Info: Atlantic Glass and Mirror 4908 Bridges Street Ext, Morehead City, NC 28557 Phone: (252) 222-4527