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This section of the Jones Brothers website follows a Cape Fisherman through the manufacturing process.

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The "woodshop" is a holdover from the good old days - no wood is used on any of the boats currently manufactured by Jones Brothers. Nowdays, the woodshop cuts the foam and other composite pieces that will be used by Lamination and Small Parts.



Lamination builds the hull, stringers, and floor. The major components of the boat are assembled in Lamination, and then passed to Finishing for final assembly.


Small Parts

The Small Parts group builds the console, deck cap, hatches, and any necessary livewell, jump seats, and/or leaning posts for a boat. Most of the fiberglass parts used by Jones Brothers are built in-house to insure the quality and consistency of the finished product.



Early in the manufacturing process, Finishing examines the order for the engine(s) and options used on the boat. Inventory is set aside for final assembly.

When Finishing gets the boat from Lamination, and the remaining components from Small Parts, each piece gets inspected and the imperfections are fixed. Once all the parts have the proper fit and finish, the boat continues down the assembly line and the boat finally comes together.